A night in a hospital: A story of nothing


Hospitals are the places where no one want to visit but, someone become ill these places become as important for him as his life and his ultimate wish. On the other hand you cannot say that nobody is going hospital with happiness, because all the greeting and news of happiness come from the hospitals. So what do we call the place “hospital”, is it a place of Happiness? Or a place of fear?

Moreover, we can say that the hospital is a place which cannot be described easily and taken from one view. It can only be identified when someone personally visit, it is a combination of different behaviors like, on one side you see a happiness in the faces and the same time, people with red eyes, tears and prying. You see people are struggling to go out as soon as possible to leave the hospital, on the same time you can see people who are imploring for their belonging to be admitted. You see some people ready to spend tens of thousands and the same time you see people with no money to spend, you see people not even want to visit hospital but when they become sick, they think the hospital is the only place where they can make their self, comfortable. I think this could be the only reason which has made this place unthinkable. So it can be said that no one who wants to go to hospital for enjoying but, at every situation there is a fear of lose, weather is a news of happiness or the news of sad.

You can see a lot of different faces in the hospitals: people having happiness in their face; people with anger and some tension in their faces, but I have seen in the hospital I cannot express this in my words. It was a day of terror, fear were spread every in the city. Everyone was struggling to save his life, nobody was secure in the city and people were busy to hide themselves anywhere in the city. It was a day when a politician of Pakistan was murdered in Landon.

When the news of murdered was erupted, it was spread like a fire in the jungle. The whole city were closed down in a moment. People were running to the house nobody were safe. At that moment I was near to a hospital in city area and hardly saved my life and entered in the hospital to hide myself. Due to not having convenience I had to spend a night in the hospital.

After this long time I do not forget even a single moment of this incident, because this incident I want, would not be happened. A huge crowed were present there, I thought they all are hiding themselves but, when I join the crowed I got to know that everyone was crying, and having a photograph in his hand, asking have you seen this face in the ward? The situation was not easy to identified but after hearing a word from the doctor, “sorry! He is no more” I got everything. They all are here to find his brother/father and any of the relative who is missing and asking to the doctors that is he/she here, is he/she alive or safe?

The situation were more dangerous in the mid night, one by one the bodies of injured were reaching to the hospital by ambulance, by rickshaw, bike and some were on the shoulders of their beloved. Blood were spread everywhere in the hospital like red color, the dressed of their beloved were clearly shows love to them. They were not wanted anything but their beloved to survive I regret to say that nobody in the injured were able to survive. I have never seen that much blood and deaths in my life.

Slowly and horribly, but the night ended. The bodies were delivered to the belongings. The blood were cleaned. The people were leaving without their beloved, the hospital staff were changed. And the same way the shops were opening, some people were going to the job like nothing had happened last night and then I saw the same routine of hospital after the sunset.

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