Aghaz-e-Insaniyat Welfare Organization


Everything on this Universe is created for a purpose and The God only one who knows the reason behind these creations, means all the thing in this universe has a significance and importance. The human are the only creation who is allowed to use all of them and get the benefit from it. The human are the superior most among all of the creations. Human are the only creation in this world who had survived from all the ages in which most of the creations were destroyed. This is just because the human live peacefully and help each other. All the time God had created men, which we can say that ‘the men of people’, the motive of their existence in this world is to serve the humanity. I think this could be the only reason that human had survived in this world. These men all around us but does not shows their identity because they are the follower of The last Messenger of Allah.

The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, “Seven people will be shaded by Allah under His shade on the day when there will be no shade, in which one is a person who practices charity so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given (i.e. nobody knows how much he has given in charity).        Sahe Al-Bukhari, Vol. 2, Book 24, Hadith 1423

Aghaz-e-Insaniyat Welfare Organization is one the organization, which was came into existence for the welfare of humanity. The word ‘Aghaz’ means ‘Beginning’ the beginning of humanity. This shows the vision of this organization, which is to serve the humanity. It was founded by a group of people in Punjab colony in 2017. The founders was Asif Khan and his members. The organization got their legal status in 2017 but, work was started before some years. On according to his founding members,

“We all had the mind to work for others, but how can an individual (person) operate or start an organization, so we took all the people in the area who had a motive to work for humanity and created a team and started a network”

Aghaz-e-Insaniyat welfare Organization is one of the reputed non-profit organization in Pakistan, which showed its vision to the world and always ready to respond to the need of humanity. It was started as a team and now it became a network in which everyone get benefit irrespective of their identity, culture and religion. It works in different fields (segments). On according to the founders, Aghaz-e-Insaniyat welfare Organization is ready to help everyone, every time, if the need comes under its reach. Says:

We worked, and work for the people, we reached all the time and need, we spent our time with people, felt their emotion, we knows all the needs and wants of the people and AlhamdulILLAH, we helped our best, because we are one of them who experienced all this in our life”

Areas of work

The Aghaz-e-Insaniyat welfare Organization works in all fields and respond all the needy who comes for help, mostly:

  • Provides medicines to the patients and return equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks or frames etc.
  • Provides education to the poor by paying monthly fees and expenses.
  • Arrange marriages of orphans and poor, help them in the expenses of marriage
  • Provides tent and other equipment in funerals as well as marriages, for decrease the of expenses burden on people.
  • Arrange blood to the patients who are in the need of emergency.
  • Provides basic necessity items (rashan) to the orphans, poor, unemployed and the people who are in need, so that they able to feed themselves.

All these services are provided fisabiliLLAH. In the name of Allah, for the sake of humanity and to fix their name in the Good Book of Allah


Aghaz-e-Insaniyat Welfare Organization

Location Punjab Colony, Karachi, Pakistan
Address Punjab Colony, Street no. 16, Khayaban-e-jami, Karachi
Type Non-Profit Organization
Founders Asif Khan and Mambers
Founded May 2017
Members ————–
Purposes Health, Education and community development
Email [email protected]
Website ———–
Contact 0335-3465526


Asif Khan (Founder)



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