Conquest Of Sindh, Background, Causes Of Arab Success And People Response Toward It


Conquest of Sindh


Before the propagation of Islam the Arabs were inspired by the wealth of the Indians and tried to developed the relation with sub-continent because the land of the Indians were famous for their wealth and huge population , it was also considered to be the financial land. Contacts between the Arabs and sub-continent were established before the propagation of Islam, the reason for this ties was the trade route between Arabs and Indians. The species of the Indians were transferred to Europe through Arabs, these species had a huge demand in Arab world. The trade route starts from coastline of Sindh to Arab world and then transferred to Egypt and then Europe. The relation between them started growing and reached at a level that them started settling on sub-continent. Unfavorable winds droved when some of the people were theft by pirates of Sindh at the coast of Debal. When any of the Arab died at their, the ruler of host send their children and family with some gifts and goodwill letters to the Arab world. The pirates at Debal started to attach the visitors, and at one time they attacked a ship of the Muslim and plundered the gifts and took children and women as captive. Hajjaj of learning this, protested to Dahir (the ruler of Sindh) and demanded the release of captives.

When Dahir refused to release the captives.  Hajjaj sent two expedition against Dahir but it was ended in failure after that Hajjah selected his son in low Muhammad bin Qasim to march against the Dahir with 6 thousand horsemen and a camel corps. Muhammad bin Qasim march against Debal by way of Shiraz, through Makran but this time, Hajjaj made very thorough preparation.

Debal was protected by strong storn fortifications but ultimately the fort was captured and  muslim flag was hoisted for the first time of the soil of sub-continent.

Causes of Arab Success

The Arabs defeated the indian forces and occupied the large Territory was due to the quality of their troops, the ability of military commander and the Arab superiority of military techniques. Muhammad bin Qasim adopted a conciliatory policy to words the Indians, due to this successful policy the people contributed the success of his army and facilitated his task, the conquest was noteworthy more valintary surrenders then for the bloody battles.


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