Democracy means the government of the people, people work together and develop a system which helps them to live. This system is created by the consultation of the people. Humans are the social animals, who cannot survive without the system of government. It can be seen in our history that every age of humans used different techniques to live peacefully, but most of them had failed. The reason behind its failure is not its nature, but the type of ruler, ruling and the rule.

History had created a lot of systems but Democracy is one of them which got success as compared to others. Its success is depends upon its nature and the way of dealing its people, type of ruler and the arrangements of rulings.


The word democracy is derived from the Greek word ‘Demos’. The word democracy means the government of the people, the famous American President Abraham Linkon said that it is the system of government which works with people, for the people and by the people.

Definitions of Democracy

According to MacIver:

Democracy is a form of state is merely a mode of appointing, controlling and dismissing a government”

According to Gettel:

“Democracy is that form of government in which the masses of the population possesses the right to share in the exercise of sovereign power”

According to Bryce:

“Democracy really means nothing more or less than the rule of the whole people, expressing their Sovereign will by their votes”

HISTORY • Even with the end of Athenian democracy, some form of it would continue to exist among other nations and city-st...

History of Democracy

The system of Democracy was first practiced by the Greeks, in which they used it as a way of decision making, it was used a tool to resolve the disputes, by the voting of people of Greeks, everyone has an opportunity to participate in this voting. This type of decision making was not enough for making a peaceful settlement of the people. They used it in their every aspect of life, some of the time it benefited them and sometimes it creatred a new dispute. Even with the end of Athenian democracy, some form of it would continue to exist among other nations and city-states even during the Middle Ages. However most only allowed a small percentage of the population to participate.  After the Greeks this system was adopted by the Romans, who got the reach the actual form of Democracy. They constructed aSanate fin which just the members of Senate is allowed to vote and the decision making became easy.Democracy in the form that we know today only really started in the 18th century CE with the American and French Revolutions.

Principles of Democracy


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