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Edhi Foundation is the professionally managed largest and most organized social welfare system in Pakistan. Foundation works 24 hours without any discrimination on the basis of color, race, language, religion or politics.

Its founder is Abdul Sattar Edhi, he is a prominent philanthropist and social worker based out of Karachi, Pakistan. His first interaction with human suffering occurred at the age of eleven, when his mother was physically paralyzed and later suffered from mental illness. Mr. Edhi spent his waking hours caring for her, and her worsening health and eventual death left a lasting impact on his life. In 1947, at the age of 19, Mr. Edhi’s family was forced to flee their hometown and relocate to Karachi. He began his philanthropic career in 1951. Finding himself in a new city without any resources, Mr. Edhi resolved to dedicate his life to aiding the poor, and over the last sixty years, he has single handedly changed the face of welfare in Pakistan.

Edhi drove around the streets of Karachi administering free basic health care to anybody who needed it, and earned a reputation for being a selfless aid to the injured and unwell. Soon thereafter, Mr Edhi founded the Edhi Trust and Foundation, with an initial sum of a mere five thousand rupees. Mr. Edhi began receiving numerous donations, which allowed him to expand his services. He opened a maternity center and a nursing school. Mr. Edhi expanded his networks of clinics, opened adoptions centers, soup kitchens and shelters for children and battered women. To this day, the Edhi Foundation continues to grow in both size and service, and is currently the largest welfare organization in Pakistan.

Edhi’s Services

The Edhi Foundation is the largest Non-Governmental Organization in Pakistan providing services to various destitute groups and persons in need. They are:

Ambulance Services

Edhi ambulance services include

  • Air Ambulance Service
  • Edhi Marine Ambulance Service
  • Mobile Mortuary

Education services

Karachi Bilquis Edhi elementary and primary secondary schools are operating at different areas of Karachi. Include Old Sabzi Mandi, Noor Shah Colony Mirphur Khaas and Nawabshah.  In these remoter areas of Sindh, the students studying at these Edhi homes are giving basic education.

Children services

On annual basis, Edhi Foundation is giving over 250 babies or children for adoption. Till to date, over 23,320 babies and children have been provided to the childless couples and families.

Graveyard services

Edhi Foundation has the largest network for the burial of dead bodes or unclaimed coffins in Pakistan.  Graveyards have been established in various cities of Pakistan—like Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi, including in New York, USA.

Hospital services

Edhi Hospital Include:

  • Free Consultancy Clinic
  • Laboratory
  • Pre Diabetic Centers
  • Nursing Training Centers
  • Immunization Center
  • Patient Utility Service

Homes and Orphans centers

Edhi Foundation has set-up a lot of homes all over Pakistan. In which younger boys and girls including elder ladies and gents have been accommodated in homes. Among them, are abandoned and orphan boys and girls, mentally retarded and physical disabled, as well as for the shelter-less and helpless male and female people are living in these exclusive Edhi homes. Besides, the tortured women in the aftermath of domestic violence also reside there.

Missing person services

Edhi Foundation either uses its own wireless network, state radio and T.V. channels or arranges local announcements, advertisements in the press, and thereby manages to return thousands of Missing people to their homes.

Similarly, unidentified dead bodies are kept in cold mortuaries and all efforts are made to identify the next of kin. This service is also available to Pakistanis living abroad and is being co-ordinated through Pakistan Embassies or offices of the Foundation abroad.

Edhi Animal Hostel

Edhi homes initially were established with an aim of providing services to the people who are disabled, distressed, and disadvantaged people of our society. Later on, it was realized that animals also needed shelter and support. As according to our information, it was known that the animals are subject to torture by their owners. Due the brutal attack of the owners, the animals were resulting into crippling or wounding or end up at Edhi Centres. Even the missing animals as well as abandoned house pets were given shelter by Edhi Foundation.

By looking into the increasing number of this sort of animals, our Foundation developed a separate shelter zone for the animals to provide treatment and food to animals. This shelter zone for animals has reached to the stage of zoo. The animals are being treated and looked after by veterinary doctors and volunteer staff stationed at super highway, Karachi. Another facility centre for animals is opened at Korangi Karachi. These animals included—such as monkeys, deers, mules, cats, peacocks coupled with domestic birds.


Edhi Foundation

Location Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Address ———-
Type Non-Profit Organization
Founders Abdul Sattar Edhi
Founded 1951
Members ————–
Purposes  Humanitarian aid, social welfare
Email ——-
Website Edhi.org
Contact All Pakistan Edhi centers

Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi (Founder)


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