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Faith Foundation is a non-government, non-profit, non-tax and non-political organization. Faith Foundation’s objective is to work with the under privileged areas of our cities. Social services are rights that have eluded by the Faith Foundation society for too many years. As part of its mission to give something back to the society. Faith Foundation was formed not for profit, and registered it under the society’s registration act 1960 of the Government of Sind. It follow all rules and procedures and the board comprises entirely or nominated volunteers who do not get paid for their services.

Faith Foundation has been formed to serve humanity in all walks of life.

The Slogan “Empowering Humanity

Core Objectives

Empowering Humanity is achievable in 4 stages for the underprivileged people:

  • Career Counselling
  • Skill development (training)
  • Employment
  • Due diligence for life (investment training)

Activities of Faith Foundation

1. Education

  • Career counselling for students.
  • English language training.
  • Vocational Training Centre
  • Distribution of Clothes and Stationary items
  • Financially support for School fees for children and vocational training
  • Financial support for deserving brilliant students for higher education.

2. Health

  • Financial support to needy families for delivery birth of baby.
  • Financial support for medical treatment of Infants in hospital.
  • Financial support for deserving families for ambulance expenses for movement of patients to/from village/city.

3. Social Welfare

  • Monthly Rashan distribution.
  • Cooked food distribution daily basis on different locations of Karachi.
  • EIDI for deserving children on EID-ul-Azha and EID-ul-Fitr.
  • Ramadan package of rashan and other activities, before EID-ul-Fitr and EID-ul-Azha.
  • Financial support for marriage of daughters of deserving families (Jahez, furniture, clothes, accessories, utensils, marriage dinner).
  • Financial support for deserving families for Funeral services (Kafan, Ghusal, Mayyat bus, Qabar arrangement).
  • Assistance support for average people for Funeral services (Kafan, Ghusal, Mayyat bus, Qabar arrangement).
  • Life Coach Services to all age groups from any walks of life.
  • Distribution of different items, equipment for home earnings and freelancing.

Project status (ongoing/planned) and project timeline

  1. Five Well delivered in different locations for the drinking water and distribution of water Tharparkar.
  2. Monthly Rashan distribution service for needy and help them to feed their children in different areas of Sindh
  3. Handpumps delivered in different parts of backward areas of Sindh mostly Tharparkar.
  4. Wells with Submerged pump delivered to the people of Moach Goth, Karachi, Nooriabad and Gadap town.
  5. Two Mosque under construction (near completion), in Tharparkar.
  6. Eight houses Renovation completed in Karachi, due to recent Rain Urban Flooding Disaster.
  7. Vocational Training Centre started in Nazir Hussain University, Liaquatabad, Karachi.

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Faith Foundation

Location Gizri Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan
Address House# D-1, Navy Housing Scheme, Zamzama Clifton, Block-9,  South Karachi
Type Non-Profit Organization
Founder Sajid Zia
Founded July 2010
Members ————–
Purposes Health, Education and community development
Email ——-
Contact +9213-5293764, +92301-2095953


Sajid Zia (Founder)


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