Everything on this Universe is created by one God. And this is The only one who knows the reason behind these creation, means all the thing in this universe has a significance and importance, but the humans are the only creator who is allowed to use all of them and get the benefit from it. That’s why the God has made the human, the Superior most among the creations and the rest of them came behind the human. I regret to say that today’s human is not consider the title of ‘Superior most’, even cannot be considered a human because, it has reached in a position in which he feels the rest of others living being inferior and behave very bad or rude toward other living beings. These behaviors had clearly showed that human are no more the Superior most in this universe.

The saying has proven on one day, when I was going through a road. A car was parked at front of a meat shop: it is a place where a lot of animals (cats, dogs, crows etc.) come to eat, that’s why a lot of animals and birds are sitting along the shop every time. When the car owner started his vehicle, one of the kitten has crushed by the tyre, and then the incident went wrong; the exam of the Superior most creation of God started.

The kitten was squalling, jumping and dying like a fish out of water, because his head had totally crushed by car and he cannot survive for a minute. The situation were so annoying but, it had never felt sad to anyone, especially to the shopkeeper and the person who is responsible for it but, it had never impacted the behavior of people around. The most annoying (frightful) scene was that a person came and kicked the dying kitten and said, “He is spreading blood everywhere and making the people (dresses) desecrate”. I was just shocked by listening the words of the person and thought, this is the end of human we have not a right to say that we are human.

The incident stayed in people words, one by one people came and talking to each other, watching the dying kitten, some of the people are blaming the kitten for this incident, some of them were ignoring, in which a person came and said these kitten should be removed from here so that we can park or vehicles easily and said to the shopkeeper don’t feed them, let them die with starvation. So that they go from here.

The most inconvenient time was that when the mother of dying kitten reached to the incident with a piece of meat in his mouth for his baby. She saw her squalling and dying son, she could not control her emotions, and tears came out from her eyes. She went closer to his baby, catch him and took him back to the place (corner) where the rest of the babies were sleeping.

I felt the emotions of the cat, that a dying son in his lap with blood comes out from his head but she could not do anything, even she could not bawl because if she bawl or react, she has to lose his life and she does not react the same thing would happen to his other babies. Think honestly if the cat reacted to the person: wanted to take revenge of his kitten’s death; wanted to hurt the responsible, what other would consider its reaction. I have defiantly sure that it would be called an injurious (bloodthirsty) and harmful to the environment but, what she does? Here comes the helplessness for her. Everyone on the side of this incident had seen a dying kitten but, nobody saw the tears, red eyes and a crying mother with helplessness.

The moral of the story is that the animals are living beings, they have the same life like we have. They are the creation of God like us, we should not behave rode to them. Our rode behavior is nothing but, a helplessness form them, a situation in which you cannot do anything but, wait till the miracle happened.

We are in same situation now a days like the kitten because the Corona virus made us helpless, nobody in this world can make us safe or help us to get rid of this disease. I think this is just because of our behaviors to the other living being. The god gave us the situation in which we get to know the feelings of the innocent animals who are dying by our acts.

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