How the Social networking sites destroyed our minds


The world we live has entered in an age of connectivity all the thing around us are not far from a click. This association of things has created a huge impact on our normal life especially children. The human is the social animal its learning is mostly depends upon the environment. The more the person entered in social activities the more he learn. It can be said the the connectivity with people is a blessing for us and a best tool for learning but, this tool when associated with the social networking sites has created a bed impact on our society.

The cell phones were invented in 20- 30 years before when they stated spreading to the people it was considered a blessing for our society, when they became popular and common to the people it was said that the world is now connect with one signal and it entered in a new era but, it was blessing for some of  the reason after some of the time people got to know that the blessing is became a condemnation, because when they invented they were just a gadgets, slowly and gradually they became the part of our life. Without these gadgets our life is considered half.

Unusual use of cell phones require a lot of time and energy due to this most of the energy which can be utilized or get benefited is wasted, using these gadgets, mostly the children, more they use the cell phones more they are habitual to it and the time which can be utilized in useful activities is destroyed.

The children are the most benefited target market of these cell phone inverters. People now consider the cell phone is part of their life. They are not agreeing to leave it or if they are snatched, they thinks the snatcher is the only enemy of his life and thinks they are treated like a slave or a prisoner, mostly children.

Cell phones created most of it impact on our children. It created an environment in which our children get stuck and their learning ability is stopped and unable to think except this cell phones. On the other it has destroyed the leisure activities of our children and hobbies in which they learn most, this is because of unusual use of cell phones and mostly the social networking sites.

The cell phones were invented to connect the people but, it is totally changed now. It has a lot of feature which were not the part of it from the beginning. These feature played the role to destroy the children because, these feature are the only thing responsible for unusual use of cell phones and they are considered the most dangerous thing in the cell phones which impacted our children. More the cell phones in invented more the feature is installed in it, this thirst of features involve the children in cell phones. The new feature played a big role in sustaining the market of cell phone manufactured, if all the feature are inverted in one cell phone at one time how the cell phones manufacturing market sustain itself?

The cell phone companies are smart to create the products, they know about the customers mind and do a lot of research on their customers. This is the reason that they are successful to create their market and are successful to make the people use their product. This research analysis do need not require effort, it is just done by a tool which is installed in our cell phones named ‘Cookies’. These cookies watches the behavior of the customer and convey the massage and information of the customer to service provider. It helps the manufacturer to identify the need and wants of the customer.

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