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The world we live today is not the same as it was at the beginning. It was made totally different, these changes were made just because of the human. Human are the social animals, who always help and work with each other. If we talk about the beginning of Earth, there were only few people on earth. When the population of people were getting increased and they spread themselves all around the earth. This division and distribution of people all around the earth is just because of the need of food, to feed them and getting the resources of food people were going through all the places and settled their when they found. When these settlement were made at different areas of earth the communication between the people were difficult and people became stranger to each other.

Due to making association with each and getting know each other people made different techniques, the most important of them were the culture. The culture consists of values, beliefs and socially accepted behaviors among the people which made difference between people and the people were getting them associate to each other with this customs, that’s why culture and history plays very important role in our life. After passing thousands of year people still follow the traditions and customs which were the part of their life. The most common example in Egypt, China, and Sub-continent of South Asia.

The settlement in Sub-continent of South Asia as old as the human history. Historians found a lot of signs of the existence of settlement in Sub-continent of South Asia mostly the area of Sindh, starts from Debal, Makran to the Harappa.

The people of South Asia loves their culture mostly the people of Sindh. This love can be seen by the people’s practices of their old traditions and customs and give importance to them in every aspect of life. The history of Sindh gives a lot of Great leaders, Scientists, poets, Historians and the Mighty Rulers. That’s why Sindh is called Bab-ul-Islam (the place where Islam was universally accepted and practiced peacefully).

In every age people of Sindh work to highlight the world about the tradition of Sindh and became successful to reach, thus this land produce a lot of patriots and national. Inayat Khatyan is one of them who is born to highlight the traditions of Sindh to the world.

Inayat Khatyan was born in 1961 in Pir-jo-Goth. He was a born patriot who served his lofe to his land and people. He struggled for the right of people of his area and always stands at front of the enemy of his land.

Early Life

His early life was not common to everyone. He was just 11 years old when his father died. He was interested to read history books and novels, he used to read the books which were read by his father. Having a need of food he spent his all the day to work but, never lose his hope to be a patriot and thought a lot for his people. He liked to visit historical places and interested to know about the facts behind these ancients places. His habit of visiting and knowing about everything made him to write books related to the places he visited.

Political and Social struggle

Inayat Khatyan started his political struggle by students life and social work struggle in Sachal Goth (Karachi). It was the time when Sachal Goth was not known to anyone and the land was grabbed by land grabbers. He started a campaign to release the land from these land grabbers and give it to the people of Sachal Goth. He formed a committee of people to resolve all the political, social and settlement issues of the people. Initially he was appointed Joint Secretory and then he was appointed in charge of Development Committee of Sachal Goth. In this period he was successful to allot electricity in the area and constructed roads and streets.

He played his role in all political and social activities in Sachal Goth not a single incident was happened in which he did participate, during this he was arrested many times but never stopped his struggle. He was supported and loved by all the residents of Sachal Goth, this can be seen in a moment when he was illegally arrested by police: when he interrupted in the construction; held by land grabbers, the people of Sachal Goth protested against his arrest and successfully released him in a single protest.

His career as a Writer

He started his career of writing in 2000, when he opened a forum; Sindh History Awareness Forum and now serving the Chairman of this forum, the reason for creating this forum was to collect all the information related to the culture and tradition of Sindh and Sindhi culture and create awareness in our young generation so that, our young generation will be aware of the tradition. He has written many articles related to the history of Sindh, which were published in many newspapers and wrote two books related to the tradition and history of Sindh. His he visited all the historical places of Sindh for getting the actual and authentic information about the place and compile it in his books.

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Born 11th January, 1961
Education Graduate from Govt. Degree Collage Sukkur
Chairman  Sindh History Awareness Forum
Founder Sindh History Awareness Forum
Founded 2000
Members ——-
Purposes To create Awareness of Sindh Culture and Tradition
Books Sindh Sabheeta, Sindho Tehzeeb
Address Sachal Goth East Karachi
Contact +92-345-3343003


Inayat Khatyan


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