Meaning of Foreign Policy


Foreign Policy

Meaning of Foreign Policy

It is necessary for every state to maintain its relation to other state, these state to state relations are called the international relations. This international relation is maintained by foreign policy. A state can never survive without having foreign policy, because in today’s world every state has to maintain its relation with others so that it can secure its interest. Every state has to cooperate and work with others state in this global world. The foreign policy helps to strengthen its relation with others and create among states. Every state construct its foreign policy with respect to its geographical, economic, ideological, political and demographical factors, because these factors produce its association to other states.

No two states has a single and identical foreign policy and no one state has fixed its foreign policy, states  changes its foreign policy with respect to its needs and national interest. This can be seen by saying of a British diplomat that “In international relations there is no permanent enemy and permanent friend, but state interest remains permanent.

Foreign Policy and today’s world

In today’s modern world no state can avoid the international involvement and can never isolate itself from the international arena, but state has to cooperate with others for its survival. The involvement of the state in other state is always systematic and on the basis of well-defined principles. Once a state never cooperate with others and never responds with the changes occurred in international sphere, it becomes isolate and separated by the global world, and its international status is given to its rivals or alternate state, thus has to face a big loss  in its international relations and its foreign policy.

Foreign policy is an Instrument

The foreign policy is an instrument which is utilized by a state to place its interest in the international sphere and influence to the internal and external affairs of the others states. A state has strong foreign policy can place its influence in international affairs as well as it can secure its interest and destroy interest of others. A state having a strong foreign policy, produce say in the international affairs.


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