Pak-Afghan Relation, History of Pak-Afghan relations, Durand Line Agreement and Pashtuns Territory


History of Pak-Afghan Relation

The freedom movement of the sub-continent was based on the Islamic ideology which meant the safeguard of Muslim tradition and culture. It also aim to protect the rights and interests of Muslims in south Asia because the subcontinent was dominated by Hindu majority who wanted to establish a Hindu nation in sub-continent. Therefore Muslims of south Asia demanded their ultimate objective which is homeland to the Muslims where they can freely practice their religion. Muslim political leaders said that Islam and Pakistan can never be separated. Moreover this can be seen in Allama iqbal’s saying that Islam is our race and Islam is our country.

The independence of Pakistan does not owe to be a political reason also yearling of Muslim of south Asia to get a place where they can live under guidelines of Islam. It is therefore part of the mission of Pakistan to promote goodwill between Muslims states and work for the Muslim unity in the world.

Afghanistan is situated at the north of Pakistan it has a common border with Pakistan. The majority population of Afghanistan is Sunni Muslims. Although Afghanistan is Muslim country and neighboring Pakistan, it has always a cordial relation with Pakistan and put hostile attitude towards Pakistan. The people of Pakistan was very disappointed when Afghanistan the only Muslim country who opposing the entry of Pakistan in UNO. However Pakistan ignored this heartedness and hostility and unfriendly gusture of Afghanistan but, tried to cultivate the close relation with each other.

Afghanistan initiated a hostile propaganda against Pakistan immediately after the independence. The main purpose to start this propaganda was to compel Pakistan to accede the demand of Pakhtonistan. Since the independence, Afghanistan always tried to disturbed Pakistan in different ways as well as adopted unfriendly relations and interfere the internal and external affairs of Pakistan.

The boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as Durand line it was drown in 1893 by the agreement between Afghan leaders and British. When Pakistan came into being it accepted Durand line is an international border between neighbors. But the Ruler of Afghanistan refuse to accept this Durand line consequently the relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan were affected. Effort were made to normalize the relation between two brotherly nations even Pakistan govt. send their diplomat to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan claims and constraints on Pakistan Territory

The claim of Afghanistan are based on the assumption that Pashtun are akin to them from the ethnic, linguistics, geographic historical as well as traditional point of view. The main contention was the afghan was that the Durand line agreement under duress as Abdul Rahman had been operating under several internal and external constraints, while negotiation with line drawn, in according with that the treaty became invalid  by which their brother were forced to be separated from them.

Afghan regretted Pakistan constraints that, the majority of afghan voted in favor of 1947 referendum but, they pleaded that the afghan had never given the due right to become the part of their brotherly neighbor or became independent, however they were given limited choice that weather unite with India or Pakistan, doe to this reason most of the Pashtuns boycotted the referendum. Moreover Afghanistan rejected the Pakistan’s constraints that the religion was the basis of Pashtuns inclusion in Pakistan, because neither Pakistan nor India is the pure Muslim and Hindu state.




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