Principles of Democracy


Principles of Democracy


The constitution is a framework which helps the government to govern its people and operate its functions and it is a documents which contains all the principles and rules which helps to established a peaceful settlments of the people. It works as a supreme power to resolve all the internal and external disputes, it is constructed for the and by the people to organize.

Free Election

The democracy cannot be established without the consent of people. The consent of people is collected by the free election, in which everyone has a right to participate and being the part of it, and the consent of the people is free from all the forces as well as the people has a right to choose its ruler.

Government by consent of the people.

Democracy is the government of the people it means who is going to rule the people? Should be appointed by the people and the ruler should be the one who has selected by their own. People has the right to overthrow the government if it does not fulfill the needs of the people.

Majority Rule.

Once the consent has been attained the next principle is to the majority rule, because democracy always works when the decision of majority should be preferred. This is the foundation of the democracy that it always works in majority rule but on the other hand it does not means the majority has a right to destroy minority, thus it can be said that he majority rules and secure the minority rights.

Guarantees rights and freedoms

Democracy is the only system which guarantees the rights of freedom. No other system has this right of freedom like democracy, it was just because of its nature, that it is the system of people. If a system is established by people, they can change it at any situation when it creates hurdles for them, and this gives it a guarantee to rights of freedom.

Change the Government.

The democracy is system of government which can be changed if it does not fulfill the rights of the time, as well as it is not imposed on the people but it is the system of government which is selected by the people, so it has a capacity to change or altered.

Open Society

The democracy gives the right of freedom and speech, for which antone has a right to live theirs own way of living. No one is forced to live adopt any culture or traditions, everyone has their own choice to live freely and enjoy the life with their own values.

Political Equality

This is one of the most important factor/principle that democracy give the political rights to the people, in which everyone is allowed to participate in the political activities and choose their leader and get the support from the people to become a rular. Democracy give political equality to the people in which people free to protest of show their disagreements from the ruler.

Freedom to live or travel anywhere in the country

In a democratic system no one is sanctioned to live or travel. It is a basic right which is given to the people is democratic state that if a person is difficult to find their meals in one place he/she is allowed to go anywhere in the country.

Importance of Public Opinion

The democracy gives importance to the public opinions and considers their people’s opinions in every aspect of the system and government as well as if something is disagreed or not liked by most of the people is considered by the government, if it not benifited to the people it is removed.

Participation of people in decision making process

Democracy has a system of decision making in which representatives of people is asked when any decision has been made. The representatives of the people participate as am ambassadors so that the decision would not hurt any segment of the society

Democracy its meaning and History


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