Reasons for backwardness in education in local areas


Reasons for backwardness in education in local areas
Education is the only way which help to grow up the society and reduces the differences between the poor and rich but, want to sustain this gap some people has a lot contributions and this contribution can be seen in our education sector (private sector).
The education is sold now a days by some of the professional who treat it as a commodity to earn. This treatment of education has created a difference of education between local areas and niche. The good education is now beyond the reach of locals (poor).On the other hand the constitution of every state grants a necessary education for all but it is provided by different means. If all the education is provided by government sector how the private sector can earn and sustain its profits. I think this could be the only reason behind the failure of government sector education and backwardness of education in local areas.
When asked to an old man about the education system in Pakistan in his age, he said that there were not a concept of private education in his time, only the option is government sector education but, if a person is unable to get admission in government sector he/she has to go for private sector and has to travel for this because the private sectors were not present in all the areas, even some of the people had not an idea that an education can be given by a private institution and this could be sold like a commodity. This show the superiority of government sector education on private sector. Slowly and gradually when people got to know that an education can be sold like a commodity, they started selling it with high rate, at the end the private sector is famous then government. It can be said that to promote private sector our people/professional tried their best to destroy the government sector education. On the other hand this is not enough to set all the blame on private sector but this blame is gone to all the people who give their contribution to destroy the education system. They are as responsible as the private sector because a clap cannot be made by single hand. People responded positively to the idea of private education and letting them to work. The outcome of this is the expensive education which were given free of cost.
The education could be the only reason which contributed the division in society and helped to sustain the difference between the rich and poor. Because the children of rich is going to the school of his system and same as the poor, the education is treated like a commodity and this is given with the respect to the price paid. The education has the same feature like a product, high the price better will be the product low the price means low the quality.

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