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Shaffaf Welfare Trust (SWT) is serving the poor, underprivileged, needy and distressed people of the society since 1992. it is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Pakistan.

Shaffaf Welfare Trust spends time with poor and needy people and is fully aware of their problems and weaknesses. Therefore we want to help them in such a way that all financial aid is given in time and to the right people.

This organization wishes to act like backbone of the poor society and it provides help after a complete inquiry and survey in order to recognize the real underprivileged people.

Shaffaf Welfare Trust’s aim is to inquire and survey to find the ones who need help. it is a non-profit organization comprising of professionals (Doctors, Social Workers and Educationists) as well as grass-root workers. The motto is Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability. The ultimate aim of is Community Development through self-sufficiency of the community.

Core Values

Shaffaf Welfare Trust addressing the following issues in the community:

  • Community motivation
  • Provision of primary health care services
  • Awareness rising in community through literacy programs
  • Income-generation activities
  • Environmental sanitation
  • Promotion of hygienic health practices.

Shaffaf Welfare Trust believes in providing community development. This includes provision of Primacy Health Care (prevention of diarrhea, malnutrition, promotion of breast-feeding, vaccination, ante-natal care, family-planning, and prevention of AIDS) as well as imparting awareness to the population through improvement of literacy status of children and women, income-generation activities as well as environmental sanitation and solid waste management.

Shaffaf Welfare Trust was founded by Dr. S.A. Burney (Late). He was a brave and honest man and loyal for the cause of betterment of humanity. He was very helpful especially for people who didn’t know their rights, didn’t have food, and didn’t have any income resource, he provided them shelter to the old and needy and treated them as his fellow and parents. He was also the founder & Chairman of Human Rights Committee for Public & Police Aid (R).

After the Death of Mr. S.A. Burney his son Mr. Shujat Burney(Social Worker) became President of SWT. He is a young, dynamic and honest person like his father. He has got the qualities of his father to run this organization. He is running Shaffaf Welfare Trust (SWT) as a President since the time his father passed away. The right of humanity is a primary cause for him like his father Dr. S .A. Burney (Late). The President is working hard for youth, special children and the poor men, women and children as well as for the needy people in jail.

Activities and Projects of Shaffaf Welfare Trust

Under the umbrella of aims of its Founder Shaffaf Welfare Trust are concerned with some basic needs of human lives for the development of humanity as below:

  • Shaffaf Ramadan Aftar
  • Shaffaf Education
  • Shaffaf Special Prisoner release / jail services
  • Shaffaf Special Children program
  • Shaffaf Women Rights
  • Shaffaf Children Rights
  • Shaffaf Sadaqa
  • Shaffaf Pur-aman Karachi
  • Shaffaf Winter distribution

Shaffaf future plans:

  • Shaffaf Old home
  • Shaffaf OPD center
  • Shaffaf Ambulance Service
  • Shafaff Dastarkhwan
  • Shaffaf Shaddi mela

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Shaffaf Welfare Trust

Location Karimabad Federal B Area, Karachi
Address F-14,15 , 1st,3rd Floor Sohni Center Near AL-Najeebi Shopping Mall Karachi, 74400, Sindh, Pakistan 74600
Type Non-Profit Organization
Founders by Dr. S.A. Burney
Founded 1992
Members ————–
Purposes Health, Education and community development
Email [email protected]
Contact +92 322 2084153

Dr. S.A. Burney (Founder)


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