The Student Foundation


The Student Foundation (TSF) is a professionally managed non-profit organization established by a group of students in Karachi in 2017. It started its work in 2013 and took five years to get the legal status. Since the foundation of TSF its primary work is to educate the children, this is just because of its founders (students), the education for everyone is its primary motive. It used different techniques to make the students attach to their study.

It started work with an institution named ‘The Fast Coaching center’, in which the students can easily registered their names and get the education with least possible charges or free of cost. Its foundation was based on the saying of the founders,

“The God has given us the knowledge, it is a trust, which is given to us, and we have to deliver this trust to the people, as it is delivered to us by The God. If we do not do this, we would be asked by The God in judgment day”

“The God created this all systems, this is because of just, someone has a lot of money and knowledge and someone not even has a capacity to eat and read. If someone has a lot of money and knowledge, this is a trust which is given to him, this is not his own, but it is the aggregate knowledge and money belongs to its surroundings, which is given to him (trust), which he/she has to deliver others. The God can deliver this knowledge to all of them in parts. We know that if all the things are get to gather, it will be beneficial and useful, if they are divided in parts, it cannot be utilized or make beneficial. Moreover we knows that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

After getting the legal status from government, The Student Foundation started different projects for getting the children attach to the study, these projects are:

The Children’s School

The Children’s School was opened in Dec, 2017 in Punjab colony Karachi. This is the first step of TSF for especially the out of school children in the area in which they can easily start their basic learning skills. After entering in the education market (opening a school) little research were conducted in the area for better understanding of the nature of students. The TSF were successful to reach its targeted children in the area with the help of some kind and honest people of the area.

The Student Library

The Student Library is for college and university students in which they can easily get maximum books, journals, articles and knowledge at one place. Guest speaker session is conducted in the library for these students and a volunteer sessions is also conducted in every week so that the student get confidence in describing their self in front of people. All these services is free of cost, for everyone and if anyone is in need or not able to continue study; due to financial reason, he/she is helped by the students of library; by the contribution of students of library.

The Student Welfare Society

The Student Welfare Society is works with TSF with the same vision. A group of students is given the task to participate and conduct every activity which is related to the welfare of society. They are responsible for every work which comes under the social activities. They collect the information of needy people and their needs and helped them with the best possible time and resource available.

The Student Coaching Centre

The Student Coaching Centre is opened to help the students of seconder and higher secondary school students in which they can get help in every field of study, the coaching classes are provided with least possible fees (free of cost) to the student who is unable to attend the regular collage classes of school college and university. The students are provided the notes, books and other materials, which is beneficial to their study.

Madrasah Taleem-ul-Quran

(It will start soon, for religious education)

All the projects are interrelated to each other and design in a way that they connect the students to the vision of The Student Foundations.The Student Foundation is well managed non-profit organization, which works with help of contribution of some kind, responsible citizens, some loyal and hardworking students, some valued profiles and respected members and the management committee. The volunteers are its most important asset which contributed in its foundation and helped it to sustain its social activities, because the volunteers (student) are requested to get in touch with the students foundation for the help of its community and humanity.

The Student Foundation

Location Karachi, Pakistan
Address E-30/5 Ahmed khan Chandio Village Karachi
Type Non-Profit Organization
Founders ————–
Founded December 2017
Members ————–
Purposes Education, Community development
Email [email protected]
Contact 0346-3153622, 0312-2376821



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