Thoughts vs Reality


Thought vs Reality

Everyone wants the world to become his own, works according to his will, however it does not possible but, by some means men can satisfy himself. The directions comes from our mind, whenever we see a situation or problem. These directions is our thoughts, which always busy to fit this world with respect to our satisfaction level. Whenever our thoughts fix itself with the reality, our thoughts become reality for us, but what if, when our thoughts is not fix to the reality.

The thoughts which are generated by our mind is the reflection of our personality and behavior. People think that whatever they think, this is the reality, it is not true because your thoughts is reality for you not for the others, now the problem comes when people do not accept your reality; thoughts. This can be understand by an example, when you ask someone about your trouble, the person definitely give you a reply. The reply is something like new to you, because everyone interpret the situation differently with respect to his personality and behavior and this is not the reality, because it is the solution of the situation given by the person. People have to consider these solution to find out the best possible alternative but never fix and dependent themselves to the provided solutions.

Sometimes, a person wants to impose his solution to your life or your trouble. This is the best example for the thought vs reality because the person thinks that whatever in his mind is the reality and never thinks that, there is something else can be happened in this situation, but his patience never allows him to think more and his mind is stuck in a situation with just one possible solution. Never allow anyone to impose a solution in your life, because your life is your responsibility, whatever you perform, becomes a reality to you.


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